Chauffeured Transportation Providers of North Carolina Meeting  Industry Information and Networking 

The North Carolina Limousine Association is active in all facets of livery events and aware of issues effecting our industry . Being part of a nationally recognized organization gives local transportation providers a more substantial presence when facing industry issues. Large and small companies benefit from having strength in numbers.  If you are not a member of the NCLA visit our future member page and receive more information on how to join. We look forward to hearing from you!

What NCLA does for you!

Education and Training:  The NCLA offers the best training & education on all fronts relating to our industry. We host top level educational programs outside of the NLA training. Speakers from Limousine Digest, LCT, Internet marketers, insurance specialists, US DOT training & airport authorities, Tom Mazza & Charles Tenney.

Vendor Discount Programs: The NCLA has brought vendor members to join our association for discounts to all operators who are current members. Insurance companies, marketing & printing, Website design & SEO, coach builders discounts, advertising and more. Through NCLA membership, you will receive special incentives and discounts that will help you save!

Scholarships: The NCLA offers free scholarships to LCT Show in Las Vegas, free scholarships to the Limo Digest Show in Atlantic City and more.

Charity Support: the NCLA supports  charity auctions at national conventions. We have donated a beach vacation package to be auctioned for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Our Black Tie charity Auctions Event raised over $250,000 for Make-A-Wish in a single evening!

Representing Association Nationally: Our president of the NCLA has spoke at the NLA Convention in Las Vegas, was a feature speaker for the Wedding Transportation Industry and represented Limousine Operators at a National Women's Conference. The NCLA is dedicated to representing our state and our industry as a united  team moving forward to helping our interdependant industries.

Financial Protection: The largest accomplishment we have provided to our members and ALL operators in this state is profound. This gained us national attention. We stopped A New Service Tax Proposed in 2009! This would have cost every single operator  in our state 8% from their revenues! Very few states have ever accomplished something this hugee! When you ask what your $100.00 membership buys you , we believe this proves to be the best investment you can ever make as a business owner. Think about what that 8% off the top would cost you.

Networking: NCLA meetings provide members a local network and the opportunities to discuss best practices among NC transportation businesses. Our web presence also provides members a place to connect and share ideas and resources. Make new friends and stay in the know.

National Recognition for our Association: The NCLA brings featured speakers from a national level to address our members. NLA President, NLA Executive Director, NLA Lobbyist, Publisher of Limousine Digest, Editor of Limousine Digest and Editor of  LCT are just a few special speakers.

Government Affairs Representation: The NCLA works with the National Limousine Association (NLA) and has represented our state at the LCT Convention in Las Vegas and the Limo Digest Show every year since 2004-2010. We also have NCLA memberss represent us at the NLA on the Hill in Washington, D.C.

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The Next NCLA meeting will be

Wednesday December 10, 2014   2-4PM

                                                                                  RDU Terminal 2 

The Board has decided to postpone the November meeting until the second week of December. This date should be more accommodating to our members during the 

Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.