Companies Applying for NCLA Membership

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Current Applicants

Once an application has been submitted to the Board the Company applying for NCLA membership will appear above here on this website.  The application will be under review for a matter of 30 days. Current members will have the opportunity to protest any applicant applying. If a company/individual applying for membership is protested the board will convine and the matter will be voted on. When the companies information is verified, no protests have been submitted and fees have been presented the applicant will then be qualified to join.

​Protest must be submitted to a board member in writing within 30 days of an applicant applying.

Send Your Completed Application

Along with your certificate of insurance (Accord) listing the NC Limousine Association as your additionally Insured along with a check or credit card number
TO: Vernon Gambill,
236 N. Peacehaven Road 
Winston Salem, NC 27104 


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